Las Vegas Strip map and points of interests

Here are some of the famous hotels, resorts and attraction you will find on the Strip:

Map Strip

Here is another map of the Las Vegas Strip that we also recommend. We hope it is useful for you.

The Main Las Vegas Strip And Downtown

  • Bellagio and its fountains – one of the most popular attraction in Las Vegas;
  • MGM Grand - the hotel in Vegas, where visitors can see many sport events and concerts;
  • Aquarium at Caesars Palace
  • Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat at Mirage
  • Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving – thrilling and remarkable experience in Vegas;
  • Las Vegas Natural History Museum – this is for you if you want to know the history of a city like Vegas.

And this is just a small part of what Las Vegas can offer you.

Las Vegas Strip mapDownload printable Las Vegas Strip map of hotels (PDF format) here.

There are many luxury hotels, casinos, where people can spend money and try their luck, and breathtaking  attractions in Vegas, maybe the most popular city in the world. It is known also as the “Entertainment Capital of The World” and “Sin city”, because of the adult entertainment and an amazing nightlife. However, nowadays it can offer a lot more for families than few years ago.

Most of the are located on the main boulevard known as Las Vegas Strip. It is the heart of the most popular city in the world. This is the boulevard of entertainment. This is owed to the fact that it offers everything for everyone and is simply amazing in every aspect.

The 5.5 kilometer main city boulevard is the world location of the glitz and splendor, entertainment palaces, chapels for fast and cheap weddings, all-whatever-you-can-eat buffets with excellent ribs and, of course, adult entertainment at any time of any kind, anywhere. But what really distinguish it from other famous location in the United States are the shows, spa and wellness centers, gyms, stores and of course the world wide famous Las Vegas hotels with more than just great services!

However, most people which come in Vegas for the first time, even those that have been here before, have to look at the Las Vegas Strip map to find what they need.

This Las Vegas Strip map will be updated with new information when available.