Public transportation in Las Vegas

Airport Shuttles


Airport shuttles are a very economical way to travel to / from the airport. They work around the clock and can take you almost anywhere in the city. Typically cost less than $10. However, shuttle buses have some disadvantages – they usually wait do not leav until the it is full. They can also stop in many other hotels, first, before yours. This means that it can take up to an hour before reaching your hotel.

Free hotel shuttles

Many hotels offer free shuttles. Check with your hotel to see what shuttles are available. Many hotels on the Strip have a policy which requires you to have a key from the hotels room, before using them, for example.


vegas-monorailThe Monorail takes you from one end of the Strip to the other. It stops seven times, and takes only 15 minutes. This make it the fastest public transport in Vegas. Trains arrive every 5 to 12 minutes and costs $ 5 for single ride pass or $ 12 for all day pass. Monorail rides along the east side of Las Vegas Strip – from the Sahara to the MGM, so you may end up walking anyway if you plan to visit all attractions on the west side.

Las Vegas Strip trolley

Las Vegas Strip Trolley goes along the Strip, passing the largest hotels. It can get you to some “off” strip hotels like Silverton and Hard Rock. Prices are $3 for a single trip or $7 for a whole day. This is the most inexpensive way to travel in the city. However it is the slowest also.

Deuce – the double-decker bus

the-deuceThe Deuce is a double-decker bus. It stops almost at every hotel and casino near the Las Vegas Strip and continues north to downtown and the Fremont Street Experience. Its stops are marked with signs and it arrive every 7-20 minutes, depending on the time of day. Prices are $3 one way or $7 24 hours pass.


Sixteen taxi companies аrе serving the Las Vegas Valley. Their taxi stands can be found at all major hotels and in the city center.

Car hire

Like everything in Las Vegas, you have many options when it comes to renting a car. From your basic economy car that will cost about $30 per day, to 520 horsepower Lamborghini, which will cost over $1000 per day. McCarran Airport has a centralized car rental and you can return the car anywhere in the center.

Walking Las Vegas Strip map

Las Vegas is a very pedestrian friendly. Many hotels have built their world-famous attractions just people who travel by foot. That said, the Strip is over 4km long and it can take you a long time just to get from one resort to the other.

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